Fartens tjusning!

The caption appears to be Swedish for something like "the seductive allure of speed".

Fartens tjusning!

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Looks like a fairly believabl

Looks like a fairly believable conconction of BMW twin with OEC front end. The only "minor" niggles are the enormous rear wheel, apparent lack of springs inside the front struts and that the BMW motor would have its carbs somewhere inside the rider's backside....
I suppose that would explain the face he's making.

translation correction

I received a correction on the caption:

That's nice but it translates more correctly to the "the enchantment of speed", "speed's enchantment" or "the fascination of (with?) speed" ;-)

The above translation would read something more akin to "fartens
forforisk locka" (the 2 'o's would have two little dots above them in
the middle word) or "fartens forforisk dragningscraft".