Trib Eco meets Carla's Ducati at Castle Combe

JOGLE Blogger Carla McKenzie and her Ducati 888 meet Blez and the Tribble Eco at Castle Combe during the launch of Norman Burr's biography of Keith Duckworth, 'First Principles' (published by Veloce).
Photo: Snapped by Norman Burr.
Read Carla's account of the event, and her personal interest in, and links with the Trib Ecomobile, in the entry for May 23rd 2015 in her blog here:

Trib Eco meets Carla's Ducati at Castle Combe

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And, for older readers, what is a JOGLE? Who is Carla McKenzie?

However, I do know what a blog, a Ducati and an Ecomobile are.

Also Keith Duckworth.

But I'm curuious as to where Andy Tribble features in this 'event'

Note. This comment constructed largely to annoy Michael Gove

Ian's picture

First principles?

I'm sure I must have been asked, but am quite surprised to find a picture of mine in the book! (Search for First Principles on Amazon, then click 'Look Inside' and search for 'Voyager' and you will see some pictures and can even read the pertinent text - it's first time I can recall my name being in a published work!)

Carla McKenzie's JOGLE

JOGLE = John O'Groats to Land's End. This and everything relevant to Carla's charity trail ride and her links to Andy Tribble and Ecomobiles are explained in the web address given above. Put the address into a web browser in the customary fashion and all will be explained!