Chasing the V50 Phasar

Every time I chased Rob Ring on his Guzzi Phasar to take a photo he went faster! BW

Chasing the V50 Phasar

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Vintage FFs

It's a hoot to see these ancient FFs still thundering around - surely this V50 FF is even older than FJ (currently being restored, again), although I can't remember when it first appeared.

But where's the next generation? even the 2010 Cmax is now older than the average life of a motorcycle. Are there no keen young innovators out there who can improve on our 20th. Century contraptions? If this keeps on we'll have to form the Vintage FF club and sit around argueing about the old days. Surely someone can do better than that?

It's amazing that people are still riding motorised bicycles, even fitting electric power to them! Making something, that's only point is low-cost performance, slower and more expensive, when it's equally easy to make the most efficient vehicles on earth and sell them to more people. Really, really stupid. 21st. century motorcycling. Not difficult to do better!