Rohit & Blez with Mk2Cmax @ DGR

Rohit Jaggi is a long-time FF enthusiast who bought the Mk2 ComforTmax (based on a Mk3 Tmax!) in 2015. He kindly lent it to PNB for the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in September 2015.
Rohit is also one of the few Brits, apart from PNB, to have ridden an Ecomobile, and the two of them are the only Brits to have ridden an electric Monotracer. The 4 minute video he made about the MonotracerE, as part of his report for The Financial Times, in 2013, is well worth a look! It's on YouTube here:

Photo: Dave Gurman of The Rider's Digest.

Rohit & Blez with Mk2Cmax @ DGR

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Worried look

The aprehensive expression on the face of the Cmax is entirely co-incidental..