Steer-free leaning i-Road!

Look at the front wheels of this Toyota i-Road. They cannot turn, but the whole machine leans like a 2-wheeler. Toyota has created some very clever technology in order to make driving an i-Road as easy as driving a car, even for someone who has never even ridden a bicycle, let alone a scooter or motorcycle. It actually steers through the rear wheel, like a fork lift truck, but when you get to leaning speeds, it leans. No counter steering required, just steer the steering wheel left to go left and right to go right, whatever the speed – up to its governed maximum of 45kph/25mph. And because it has 'moped' status, you only need a car licence to drive it, although they won't let you out on the streets of Grenoble until you've done a couple of hours of off-road training. Personally, I found it very intuitive to drive; apparently some motorcyclists find it disconcerting. PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard 2015

Steer-free leaning i-Road!

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I guess the transparencies could be useful for anyone doing a fully enclosed FF. Not a complete waste of time and space then.