FJ is thirty

Not only still running, actually running while this picture was taken. This is the time of year when the new heater is really paying off - VW Polo heater matrix fitted behind the headlights, At zero ambient I don't get cold driving round town. At all.

Once, years ago now, I used to wonder why someone hadn't done a better job, lighter, neater, better looking (obviously). Now I think I know. Motorcyclists don't know anything about two wheeler dynamics - while the people who make them don't care.

If you doubt this look at the entries on Electric Motorcycle News. All those people spending all that time electrifying motorised bicycles without addressing any of the failings they've suffered from this last hundred years. Anything to say BMW?

FJ is thirty

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Given that 03 is registered

Given that 03 is registered as an '89 model I would have thought that the Fat Jogger was older than that - has it reached 'ship of Theseus' status now?

February 1988

February 1988 to December 1989 - that's the Voyager project. Amazing what you can do with some people and money!

Theseus? He had a ship?