1976 FF Morbidelli 500-4 Sketch

An amazingly prescient sketch from the Morbidelli factory in 1976* – the year the Quasar first appeared, but several years before Malcolm Newell built the rear-engined GPz1100-powered 'Slug' and 40 years before Royce Creasey built the Monoliner for Colin Russell. What a shame Morbidelli never (as far as we know) ever built it! Many thanks to Chris Batey for sharing this post from Philippe de Lespinay to the FF Facebook group. PNB
* (or possibly 1978, see below).

1976 FF Morbidelli 500-4 Sketch

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Double Bubble!

Thanks for that link, Robert. I don't know how I missed it at the time! I'll leave this post up though, if only so that it leads people back to your earlier one, complete with Royce Creasey's comments! Where does your original quotation come from? PNB

That quote, and lots of other

That quote, and lots of other (Non-FF, but still very interesting) pictures: http://npbka.com/morbidelli-project.htm