Adie Pease XS750FF LHS (1980s)

A view of the left hand side of Adie Pease's Yamaha XS750-based FF from the 1980s.
Photo: Jan Nelder archive

Adie Pease XS750FF LHS (1980s)

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Blast! From the past..

I hope Eric Vloemans from Belgium - see doesn't find this pic of Adie Pease's cut'n shut FF too discouraging....

your fault

Sorry Royce but i put the blame entirely 100% on your doorstep, 40 years ago, you were blasting out like a small nuclear reactor, you should have expected some fallout, and this is the result, ok maybe not 100% but its a solid attempt, even got as far as road registered, another major hurdle for most. Even if it had turned out as bad as my own abominations, it's still 1000% better than any rendering I HAVE EVER SEEN. Based on Eric's progress so far, he has gone over a lot of data, and drawings and pictures, to get where he is today, and maybe even zooming in on Adie's front end and incorporating some aspect of its design into his own, and thankful for it. he not only renders, he then reproduces that into metal, to a high standard, and that apart from just a few others on here, appears to be virtually unique. All hail Eric . All the best everyone. yours Dave

your fault

Sorry duplicated


Of course I'm entirely happy to take the entire blame for Feet First two wheelers! Although I believe there's a significant list of other people who can also be so accused. I can blame a few myself - Wilkinson, Sheffield Simplex, A.V. Roe, Futura, Gustav Baummm*, Jack Difazio, Malcome Newell, Ken Leaman, Bob Tait. just for a start, and very sincere apologies for any missed inbetween or since. Just some of the giants whose shoulders I have stood on.

But I wasn't trying to assign blame, or criticise anyone actually cutting metal (As if!). Just hoping that Eric isn't discouraged to note that everything he's currently doing was done by others (not me) thirty years previously. Although I do believe that the idea of studying what all the other damm fools have done, is to do better in future...

It's true of course that there are very few people anywhere prepared to put their ideas into material form. I salute every one of them. But it's always been like that. The advent of vapourware at least makes it easier to visulise ideas, not itself a bad thing.

*added an extra 'm' there, to make up for any I might have missed previously...