030 Working Kaneda FF Replica + Video links

Model: Kawasaki water-cooled single cylinder engine (250cc) WITH STICKERS.

Suzuka circuit, Japan (July 30,31 2005).

More in KMC Website: Neo-Fukuoka page
There is a one minute video of this machine in action, proving that it's a properly functioning street-legal FF motorcycle in Japan. See here:
And a story about it, with a shorter clip, here: http://www.bikepoint.com.au/news/2012/road/akira-cyber-cycle-replica-29724

Here's a 6 minute clip from the original Akira film, complete with English language soundtrack, which inspired all the replica builders:

030 Working Kaneda FF Replica + Video links

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And then?

Any news of what happened to these FF's? I know more than one was built in various places. Did they work? are they still around? etc.

What is it about humans that anywhere in the world people can build FFs, demonstrate their qualities, and then get ignored? People, governments even, bang on about safety, efficiency, the handling problems of motorcycles etc. but when confronted with a solution they go limp. Go on Honad, BMW, tell us what your problem is.