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My AKIRA replica Kawasaki GPZ 500

Here are pic of my GPZ 500 and a AKIRA bike built by Eddie Paul. I will take the Red AKIRA body and install it on my bike.

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build blog AKIRA Kaneda's bike replica

Here is a link to my build blog for my AKIRA Kaneda's bike replica. I will be adding more info and pictures as the build continues so check back every once in a while to get updates.

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First test ride

This is a picture after my first test ride. This FF bike will be a AKIRA moive bike replica. It is made from a 2003 Kawasaki 500 ninja (GPZ). I changed the fork rake to match the body of the moive bike but i found out that it is too much and i plan on chainging it back to stock rake. And modifie the body to fit the frame. Jeff

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