Hossack is not always as simple as it looks!

My first attempt at a Hossack front end was designed to be built as much as possible out of stock material - tube and box section - as possible. The ball joints were bought from a friendly neighbourhood motor factor for the princely sum of 600 baht (about €12).

ThaiMax - The story so far - Design Evolution

It started with a tape measure. That didn't get me too far, so I got a friend to photograph me on my T-max from as far away as possible with maximum zoom. It wasn't nearly far enough, but the results are acceptable.

ThaiMax - The story so far.

Since the re-build of BikeWeb has killed my links I am going to build this as a blog, rather than a book

I had been keeping this under my hat until such time as it appeared it would actually going to get off the drawing board.

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Craig Vetter's Streamlined Helix "Freedom Machine"

Craig Vetter here in Carmel, California, USA. My goal in this “Freedom Machine” is to build a one-person vehicle that sitting upright and comfortable will go 70 mph, into a 20 mph headwind, while carrying 4 bags of groceries, and get 100 mpg. Oh yes… of all the vehicles at my disposal, I want it to be my first choice.
This is not my first FF machine. In 1980-81, I built this Streamliner around a Kawasaki 250 single:

This machine was good for 108 mpg in my fuel economy contest of 1982. But, then, the speed limit in the US was 55 mph. Today, we ride faster. Today, I want to know what is possible the way I ride now.
I began with a used Helix from EBAY, changing only the bodywork to reach my goals. No engine mods. No drive train mods. No wheel changes. Only streamlining.

Big Sur bridge, California, USA
You will note that the skin is kind of rough. This is because it is made up of thin, yellow plastic sheet-stock which does not form into compound curves very well. This is fine for now because I change it all the time. I have many problems to solve before I do final tooling. As I solve each problem, the shape changes. Making my prototype in this manner saves a lot of time, money and itching. To make changes, I cut this stuff with scissors and attach it with little plastic “Christmas Tree” push in fasteners. Much of this machine is made of plastic foam and inflated panels. All very lightweight, durable and inexpensive. Rather than to try to explain all here, let me point you to for a chapter by chapter account of this project.
I maintain this web page to show you how easy it is to build something like this. This thing is screwed together with a million little 8-32 screws and self locking nuts. A band saw and drill press are my most exotic tools.
Will I actually achieve my goals? Well, this is my first choice in vehicles and I really can carry 6 bags of groceries. However, until all the holes are smoothed over, I do not expect much in the way of fuel consumption improvements. Stay tuned. I am happy to answer questions and respond to your comments.

Market Place

Hi, I've just joined this forum but cannot find any section where members can either advertise items for sale or items wanted ... am I missing something? If this section is the only place to ask then what I am after is a standard screen for an FJS 600 Silverwing. Does anyone have one for sale?

Westminster Parking

The protest to try and combat Westminster Parking Charges for Motorcycles gathers steam.

Now we've got banners!



Gorging to Excess (if not FF)

An everyday story of motorcycling folk.....images under 'touring'
After Florence in 2007, this year we kept our Euro-tour to France. Not so far, lots of space, variety and character, as well as excellent roads and food.
The overnight boat from Portsmouth to Le Havre is my favourite cross-channel tool, regardless of who runs it. We had the usual crowd of bikes at the ferry: immaculate cruisers, laden sports and seasoned travellers. For some reason you never see them after the ferry.

Motorcycle News - Grand Designs PDFs

Here's PDFs of the Motorcycle News article on weird and wonderful PTWs.

Quasar restoration

An introduction

Hi All

Just become a member

I have been interested in Quasars since the beginning (late 70's) when a guy living opposite me owned one.

A stroke stopped me from buying Paul’s when it was up for auction (and the price) but I have kept in touch with Mark since then attending one gathering and lending a hand at the Quasar Garage whenever I have visited Mark.

So what am I doing on this list?

1) I have built more Quasars than anyone else (OK - OK so they are only models)

2) Mark and I currently own the SOLO QUASAR and with the blessing of the Newell family I have undertaken to restore it to its former glory.

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CG limitations - incorrections dispelled

It seems it's about time I fended off Arthur Middletons attempts to 'correct' my comments on the limitations of low CG motorcycle designs.

I beleive the original article spoke for itself if properly read and understood, but some have asked for a clarification upon Arthurs comments - so here it is.



Panniers for a Burgman AN400Y

Can anyone tell me who makes hard panniers for a 400 Burgervan

website confusion

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out this site. Is there a page like a forum where a message is sent and others can reply to. Does my blog go out to everybody or only people who want to see my blog. How can I upload a picture of a FF project.

Safer bikes

I'm passionate about having a choice in everything and that includes bike safety. I bought a BMW C1 4 years ago and I still think it is a brilliant concept and a really enjoyable ride round town. I needed to travel further two years ago so bought a Honda Silverwing scooter and I'd love to see Honda bring out one with a safety cell like the C1. The BMW C1 should have been exempt from the helmet law as its safety features are more akin to a car and it is just stupid to wear a helmet in a belted vehicle.

Mexican FF

Here's a good one. I particularly like the illuminated skull.

I James Background

I am a Mortgage Broker based in The Forest of Dean. In my youth I rode a Lambretta Scooter until I was 22 years of age. At age 62 I have returned to scooterring by purchasing a new Honda Silverwing in June 2005. Before I took delivery of the Silverwing I undertook refresher training. I have since taken things steady and now am getting to grips with the bike. The enjoyment derived is tremendous. I attended Peter Billington's open day and was quite impressed with his comfortmax. I would like to say that I am an all weather biker but I may winterise the bike when the road salt appears.

Low CoG limitations reply

Low CoG limitations reply. This is a reply to David Botting's paper with my comments inserted.

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Limitations of low CG design

Please find attached a written article covering some of the less favourable aspects of low CG design. The article is in part written as a reply to the theories put forward by Royce Creasey in 'Feet First - The Physics'.

The average sports-tourer has nowhere near the amount of power to make wheelies a serious disadvantage. It is only over a very narrow rev range, between 500 - 1000rpm, at peak power and in first gear that such bikes are able to lift the front wheel from the ground (not the same as continuing a wheelie).

This = just a split second. Provided that a modicum of skill and throttle restraint is applied in first gear, the front wheel can easily be kept on the floor without serious loss of acceleration, and who needs to accelerate THAT hard anyway? It is wildly unlikely that a ‘looping’ situation would occur without the direct intention of a wheelie.

Middleton Link and 3-in-line STV

3-in-line STV: A prototype to test the concept, built mid 2002.

Made from a Suzuki 80 step through (free) and a couple of 10” scooter wheels (20 euro). The idea is to test if any of the supposed benefits can be achieved, and what problems there might be in applying these. Middleton Link is a solution to a bump steer problem in this concept.

Benefits are: increased contact patch to unsprung mass ratio, increased contact patch to tyre width ratio, effectively reduced unsprung mass for a given contact patch area, contact with the road with at least one steered wheel on sharp bumps, second tyre running in drier road surface under straight line braking conditions, lower propensity to front wheel traction loss in cornering, potentially lower frontal area and un-steered suspension. Actual mass of the complete system is less than a single Kawasaki GPZ500S 16” front wheel and tyre.

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