2009 Monotracer in England in 2017

Monotracer No. 7008, first registered in the UK in 2009, parked up briefly near Stokenchurch during a demo ride for a potential purchaser in November 2017. A pleasure to drive!
Photo: © Paul Blezard

2009 Monotracer in England in 2017

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Peraves future?

How's Peraves doing at present Paul? Any chance of the E-tracer/Monotracer package getting to production? There's been a lot of E- power developement since the X-prize. Maybe Peraves should do a 'mass market' version of the E-tracer (after Tesla), based of the BMW E-scooter? Something like the Aerobike, suitably aerodynamically tweaked, backed onto a BMW scooter, minus the scooter junk and plus an HCS. I'd have a go at that myself...

Someone would have to develop/fund an interactive servo outrigger system of course.

Peraves.cz electric Monoracer

I believe an electric Monoracer is under development in Brno by the born-again Peraves.CZ company. Note the lack of T in Monoracer, to distinguish it from the Monotracers.
As advertised here: http://www.peravescz.com/models/