Vultus meets Turbo Eco! (June 2021)

A rare juxtaposition of FFs in East Sussex. Former Quasar and Ecomobile owner Andy Tribble has recently sold all his dead Helixes and bought a US-spec Honda NM4 Vultus. As a Yank model it's only 700cc rather than 750, but does have the optional pannier system, which looks big enough to hold a pair of full face helmets but actually only has space for a pair of sandwich boxes! It also has a big screen which is less stylish but more protective than the original. The Turbo Eco was chocked up on planks in order to test the outrigger system safely, which worked, and the beast has since been fired up for the first time in three years. PNB
Photo: Carla McKenzie (tweaked by PNB in Photoshop)

Vultus meets Turbo Eco! (June 2021)

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Good comparison!

Nice to see a picture making clear the distinction between a product from an outfit that clearly understands the concept of the FF two wheeler, with the imagination and courage to make it real. And one that doesn't. It's undoubtably a reflection on something (Society? Humanity?) that the latter is the one with all the money...

I look forward to rider impressions of these two very different vehicles by the person who has owned one of each.

Pedestrian safety anyone?

If one of these vehicles had four wheels it'd be illegal on European roads, due to the threat posed to pedestrians by it's sharp (pointed!) leading edges. The one from a global vehicle manufacturer that will be aware of the regulation in question. But that's OK, like most vehicle safety regulations it doesn't apply to motorised bicycles.