website confusion

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out this site. Is there a page like a forum where a message is sent and others can reply to. Does my blog go out to everybody or only people who want to see my blog. How can I upload a picture of a FF project.

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Not forum here

Hi there. There's no forum here, the site is more of a reference site. The talk all happens on the mailing list.

To post a photo. Choose Create content, image gallery and fill in the form. Drop me a line if you're stuck. julian_bond at

confusing site

tried uploading my pic but after submitting page went to 'not available'. I've discountinued the mailing list because there are so many repeat mailings, I just don't have the time to read every single comment that is of no use to me. Forum sites are much easier to navigate. Find a subject of interest and go to it. Alot of your latest comments and pics are a few years old. Anyway, my pic is at the SV portal site. Go to images, then ?? and you'll find my ffuggly bike there.

T Max

A serious bit of kit - once I had modified the screen by cutting off the top 3.5 inches( You can tell how old I am ) Faboulous!

Website confusion

I too find this a difficult site to navigate around. The BFF site is a dream, but now obselete. One difficulty is finding a website map. There are areas not visible from any menu, the existence of which only becomes apparent when you do a search, as some of the material which comes up is located in areas not otherwise visible. Would it be possible to include a site map, in order that the written material is visible, and not only photos and links?
Doug Young

Jialing JL250T-B

Hi Ya,
I have been trying to find spare parts for this machine with no luck.
We are all lead to believe that it is the replica of the helix cn250, if you go on to David Silver Spares and ask them they say it is not a helix CN250. The part i am trying to get is the Fuel tap, D.S.P. say they have never seen one. Does anyone know where i can get parts for this bloody machine.
Kind Regards