Fartens tjusning! ('The enchantment of speed'). 1936 Sixton Sason Design.

The caption appears to be Swedish for something like 'the enchantment of speed'.
2021 UPDATE from Ingar Sahlberg via the FF Facebook group: "The photo was found in a car magazine. Why find a mc / ff picture in a car magazine? As you can see from the signature at the bottom left, it was drawn by designer Sixton Sason. He designed many SAAB cars and some mopeds and is a kind of design legend in Sweden."
It's also been pointed out that the figures '36' in the bottom left hand corner may well be the year this image was drawn: 1936. The pilot's riding gear certainly matches that date, as does the Duplex steering – as fitted to the Whitwoods and OEC Atlanta Duo; see here: http://bikeweb.com/image/tid/177

Fartens tjusning! ('The enchantment of speed'). 1936 Sixton Sason Design.

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Looks like a fairly believabl

Looks like a fairly believable conconction of BMW twin with OEC front end. The only "minor" niggles are the enormous rear wheel, apparent lack of springs inside the front struts and that the BMW motor would have its carbs somewhere inside the rider's backside....
I suppose that would explain the face he's making.

translation correction

I received a correction on the caption:

That's nice but it translates more correctly to the "the enchantment of speed", "speed's enchantment" or "the fascination of (with?) speed" ;-)

The above translation would read something more akin to "fartens
forforisk locka" (the 2 'o's would have two little dots above them in
the middle word) or "fartens forforisk dragningscraft".

Not only but also

As several people have noted over the decades, the big problem with using the boxer motor in an FF, is not being able to put your feet down at a standstill. Actually the Brick, K100/75 is a much better option, except it's too wide not to trap your legs, falling over at a standstill, but at 530mm, only just. You'd need a 730mm (29mm) overall width, which is dooable. Then there's the airbox... A KLT, with telever, would make a great (big) FF cut'n shut, and they're really cheap!

This designer has also avoided any leg protection and the aerodynamic improvement that would provide. The rider is part of the aerodynamics as well as the CG!

The Dodds K100 FF

See here for the only non-rear-engined K100FF known to have actually been built and put on the road; complete with Foale-style steering. The Dodds K100FF: http://bikeweb.com/image/tid/218

Ah So...

Interesting to see this Brick-FF. When they first appeared I immediately turned up at the local dealer with a tape measure, discovering the engine width of 533mm ruled it out for a "doorway"-compliant FF that wouldn't trap a leg. Later, abandoning the "doorway" limit (710mm) I measured up the KLT (1200?) with Telelever, concluding that it could be turned into an immense FF by, mainly, moving the rear brake reservoir and fitting an FF 'kit' But too big for me and rather excessive for the core FF user-window. No-one wanted me to build one either.

In any case, all that ICE stuff is history now. If it's not an EV it's irrelevent.