2007: Blez in the first Monotracer

July 2007: Paul Blezard was the first journalist in the world to drive the Peraves Monotracer. It was on the Brno Grand Prix circuit during the annual rider training and World Cup. He also got to ride it on the road afterwards all the way into the cobbled streets of central Prague.
Photo: Dan Lexa

2007: Blez in the first Monotracer

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History, history....

I'm so bored with yesterday - apparently it's 'all tales of derring do' anyway. Peraves missed it's big chance when it failed to capitalise on the X-prize win

It's what's happening next that matters - and I don't mean the shambles engulfing England in this year of 2016. Take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-YyKy8WWmo for a glimpse of future possibilities. Some of these packages are good enough and cheap enough to be turned into a lightweight FF that would make be a serious commuter.

If there were anyone out there with the balls and imagination to do it that is.

Peraves, the X-prize & the 'kidnapped' E-Tracer

It's only fair to point out that Peraves' attempt 'to capitalise on the X-prize win' was stymied by an implacable member of the so-called 'Homeland Security' team at LAX airport. This person impounded their electric Monotracer for California, the key US market. The machine was 'quarantined' on trumped up charges that it didn't meet EPA regulations and it took 18 months and a huge amount of lobbying in high places by several dedicated individuals to get the clean, green 'prisoner' released, by which time the lithium batteries were completely trashed.
You couldn't make it up, because it would sound too preposterous, but this really happened. PNB