ThaiMax - The story so far - Design Evolution

It started with a tape measure. That didn't get me too far, so I got a friend to photograph me on my T-max from as far away as possible with maximum zoom. It wasn't nearly far enough, but the results are acceptable.
Using CAD software, I built up a photo montage of my bike, the naked T-max shot from BikeWeb. I overlaid a 2D sketch of lines to simulate the Hossack geometry. I played around with length of the Hossack arms and the positions until I got the geometry I wanted.Designing Basic Geometry By sketching in the anti-dive geometry, I could see the anti-dive locus as I moved the frame up and down to simulate suspension travel. see here
Next I moved on to 3D. I already had wheels modelled from the Burgman project which I re-sized and inserted into the model.
I then built a mock-up frame to connect the rear wheel to the Hossack front end. This allows the model to be manipulated to check geometry is still correct and to check what hits what and when.
Here is a series of screen shots that shows the progression. You will see some details changing throughout the sequence as bad ideas are replaced with (hopefully) better ideas.
Oh I have missed one important step - continued emails to Arthur for his advice, judicious bothering of Royce and the occasional cryptic post to the feet forward group