Hossack 3 progress - Bye bye ball joints.

Here the 2 ball joints have been replaced with 3 sets of pre-loaded taper roller bearings. No more belting ball joints with a hammer to reduce preload / stiction.

Hossack 3 progress - Bye bye ball joints.

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falling rate

Hi Peter i notice your shock is very layed down, will this not give you a problem with falling rate?

Beutifull renderings and i like the steering head set up in this one, i think it solves alot of the problems with bearings without much cost to unsprung weight.


standard parts

Hi, do you think this version would work if you cut the headstock off a frame, used the standard top and bottom yokes with steel tubing in place of the fork legs to connect the wheel and carry the brake calipers? Would tubing be rigid enough and a lighter headstock be viable as it would not have to take the same forces in this configuration? Using as much of a donor bike/standard parts would help with spares/repairs later in the life of the vehicle.