FF design and construction

Been thinking about the Buell 1200 as a sutible engine for my FF, what it has going for it,
Very narrow,45deg V so short to, side exit exhaust so no problems with a hot crotch (eg a sv1000) enough horse power 95-104bhp, but much more importantly low reving low down torque, IMHO this is esential for real world riding ie power availble instantly.
It also has very respectable economy ive seen 55mpg quoted.

The pics are of my sportster engined chop, i did 9000 problem free miles in one year, And although it was solid mounted ther was NO unpleasent vibrations, which is alot more than can be said for my K1100. And the Buells are rubber mounted so vibration is not an issue.

I also realy like the simplisity so easy to service just plugs filter and oil thats it.
And air cooled apeals to me to, from a design point of veiw its just one less thing to worry about and package.

Possible issues i think the worst might be the height of the throttle body, it pokes up right between the heads. Though this is true of most modern engines.


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