Malc Newell & Bob Tait & Z13 Kymera Phasar (1981)

This pic shows Malcolm Newell (left) and hub centre steering guru Bob Tait in the snow with the original Z1300 Kymera Cibié Phasar and an original, Reliant-engined Quasar fitted with panniers. Malcolm sent this photo to lots of people as a Christmas card in the early 1980s. We suspect that this first standard-wheelbase Kymera Z13 'morphed' into the later 'SEV' Phasar, which had a much longer wheelbase and more stylish bodywork – compare and contrast with the pictues of the SEV elsewhere in this folder. PNB
(Photo Mark Crowson archive)
2017 update: Bob Tait passed away in July 2017. See Royce Creasey's explanation of how the photo came about below, and his tribute to Bob in his blog post here:

Malc Newell & Bob Tait & Z13 Kymera Phasar (1981)

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some background to this pic

Just out of this picture on the left is the "Team Waste" Thames van in which the "Sev" has just returned ftom the NEC show. Bob is in the picture because the Thames blew another No.3 piston on the way back - the 200e Ford engine had some cooling problem with No.3 and this was probably the third or fourth time it did this. On this occasion it happened close to Bob's Shipston on Stour address and he towed the van with his MG saloon, Zev still loaded, back to Malcoms place in Heddington where this photo was taken. Given the conditions it was an exciting ride. I may have been the photographer, but I'm much too old to remember details like that. The Quasar in the background is the one running the Reliant engine with no oil pressure and a cracked piston, that ended up in Mark Verdens "Targa Quasar"

It was known as the "SEV" because SEV, who owned Cibie and Marchal at that time, paid for the show stand on which it appeared. We all used Cibie's magnificent 5" headlights then - I still do...

Late snow in Wiltshire in the Spring of 1981?

Fascinating facts behind the photo! I presume the year must have been 1981, because that was the year that I first met Malcolm, with the SEV, at the NEC, which was also the first time that the motorcycle show was held there. And I don't recall seeing the SEV there ever again. But it was in the spring, and I helped Dave Taylor at the Honda and Michelin-sponsored trail park which he ran outside. In my memory it was in early May, but I guess it could have been April, (at Easter-ish time?) but that still seems rather late for there to be snow on the ground in Wiltshire! PNB

Photo by...

Further research on the domestic front reveals that the photo was taken by my wife, Ingrid Oesten, resident film photography expert. Back in the days of film, spring snow wasn't so unusual. I've got several pics of FJ, then living on the street, with a covering of April snow.