Blez in VF750 Quasar 1986

Yours truly riding the Honda VF750-engined and Tait-hub-centre-steered Quasar in 1986, as seen in SuperBike magazine, where I was working at the time. It was ridden to the Cologne show and the South of France by Chris Baker, Malcolm's business partner, the same year. Chris also rode it in the Top Gear FF feature that I wrote and presented in April 1988:
The 'VFQ' lay dormant for a long time after Malcolm died in 1994 but was bought and revived by John Cooper. He got it back on the road in August 2011, as you can see from the words and pix elsewhere in this gallery. There are 3 more photos of the VFQ at 'BruceFFest 2011' in South Wales, here:
NB: The incompetent magazine caption-writer has misspelled Malcolm's surname 'Newall' instead of Newell. PNB

Blez in VF750 Quasar 1986

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New owner

Now owned by me! I swapped Quasar 002 yesterday at the cottage where Malcolm was born. Not been used for over 8 years so will have to clear all the old fuel and see if it starts.

John Cooper.