Quasar Bodyshell Breeding

Quasar bodyshells being created in Sussex. The two red ones on the left are mating, having already produced the white and blue ones on the right! PNB
Photo: Paul Blezard, Nov 2011

Quasar Bodyshell Breeding

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Body reborn

I have been in love with the Quasar since it was introduced to us in the United States in the Cycle Magazines back in the 70's. Great to see someone making bodies again.
I have always thought someday I will make a copy of the frame and try to copy the body. But I am better at tubing than fiberglass. I've been collecting all the frame pictures I can get my hands on. And I have a CAD program for building tubing cars and motorcycles. All I need are some dimensions to make a pretty good replica of the original frame.

If you ever have any plans on selling a copy of the body let me know.

Curtis in Texas