Vetterised Electric Zero (Kamm Tail version)

Terry Hershner riding his 2012 Zero after it was fitted with a Craig Vetter fairing in 2013. Terry rode it from California to Florida, coast to coast, completely unsupported, in under 6 days, despite having to stop for 40 hours in Texas en route. He had previously ridden it from Florida to California in standard form.
Many thanks to Craig Vetter for permission to use the photo. Read all about the project at
Underneath this fairing the Zero chassis is standard; obviously the machine could be made a lot more aerodynamic if the chassis were lengthened and lowered and the rider able to adopt a feet first riding position.

2016 Info update: as can be seen from the other photos of Terry's bike in this folder, he soon added a full tail, which is what he used for all his record-breaking and his 1,000+ mile 'Iron Butt' run in under 23 hours in 2014. Terry says the full tail improved performance by about 15% over this Kamm tail version.

Vetterised Electric Zero (Kamm Tail version)

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Not an FF

It's not an FF. Aerodynamically it's interesting but so is an Airbus 350.

At road speeds frontal area is the primary determinant of drag. Ask anyone who's done first grade aerodynamics.