Vetterised Zero Leads Vetter's FF

Terry Hershner in his freshly Vetterised Zero electric motorcycle leads Craig Vetter himself in his own Vetterised Honda Helix. May 2013.
Although the Vetter Helix is not as low as it could be, it is lower than the Zero, lower than a standard CN 250 on which it's based and definitely FF.
As stated elsewhere, there's no doubt that the Zero would benefit aerodynamically from modifying the chassis to allow a lower seat and an FF riding position.
Nevertheless, shortly after this photo was taken Terry Hershner rode this Zero from California back home to Florida in five days, completely unassisted, setting a new record for an electric motorcycle. PNB
Photo by Zak Vetter, reproduced here by kind permission of Zak and Craig Vetter.
August 2014: Terry is the first rider to win a Craig Vetter economy challenge with an electric motorcycle
September 2014: Terry becomes the first person to win an Iron Butt award on an electric motorcycle – 1,000 miles in 24 hours! (In fact, he achieved this feat in fewer than 23 hours!)
November 2014: Terry's long-suffering Zero passes the 70,000 mile mark in just two and a half years!
Lots more information at and at Life Off The Grid:
Note that Terry's Zero has a 'Kamm tail' in this early photo.
See elsewhere in this folder for the longer-tailed version that it 'grew' later, and which was fitted when I rode it in January 2015. PNB Here:

December 2017: Terry is currently using a more conventional-looking 2015 Zero, modified with a handlebar fairing, extra batteries and fast chargers.
It is also capable of covering a thousand miles in a day thanks to improvents in both batteries and chargers since 2013. PNB

Vetterised Zero Leads Vetter's FF

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Remind me what FF stands for again?

While I admire the amount of work in this, I can't see how it is FF when his feet are clearly not forward.


Not FF, but much more aero efficient than standard!

I never said it was FF Peter! But it's a lot more aerodynamic and efficient than the standard Zero it's based on. The fact that Terry's done 1,000 miles in under 23 hours in this machine is proof of that and I think makes it more than worthy of a showing on this website.
We all know it would be even faster and even more efficient if it was properly FF and recumbent!
And as I mentioned above, Craig's Helix, following behind in the photo, most certainly *is* FF!

Not only but also

While seconding Peter's point about the relevence to this site of Terrys efforts at improving TT zero's electrified motorised bicycle, I'd also like to add how wearying I find it to see 1950's ideas repeated every time someone decides to streamline a motorcycle. Aerodynamics really has moved on and motorcycles push the same air as everyone else. In the real world of vehicle engineering there are many other qualities to be incorporated. Access, weight, Two seats and so on. Reducing frontal area is the primary method of reducing drag, so once that's done public usability is paramount.

It would be so exhilerating, this century, to see an attempt at a complete, modern two wheeler, incorporating all the knowledge gained over the last thirty or forty years - with electric power of course. I am So bored with what we did yesterday! Electric bicycles. Really.. Is that the best we can do?