This Is The End - The Doors

Well, the end of structures anyway. Certain amount of light relief in the way of gear and brake controls and linkages yet to come. Then we'll strap Colin into it and pour PU foam into the plastic bag he'll be sitting on and watch him turn pink and sweaty as it cures.

It's obviously well 'legacy' making vehicles this way, perfectly feasible to replace quite a lot of this steelwork with high-end GRP, even Glass/Epoxy would probably do for these doors. Front and rear subframes, even the chassis, could be done in CF. But what if they're the wrong shape? Unstressed GRP over steel is way easier to modify or repair, separates all the tricky stuff, mounts, hinges, brackets, from the shape bits, ideal for development.

But I'd be the first to admit that I'm well behind the curve when it comes to current race vehicle construction. During a vist to the Williams F.1 centre last year I saw two generations of constructional techniques past the 'rivetted and glued alloy sheet' method I was familiar with - in their museum.

Still, as we hope to demonstrate to the motorised bicycle racers, it's not how you make it that matters - it's what you make.

This Is The End - The Doors

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The form that follows function

Ah - at last the final form starts to emerge. The implied shape looks good. Similar to a blue vapour-ware shape I saw somewhere.
I look forward to seeing a picture of some mug sitting in it.