Voyager sketch (1989)

   Voyager sketch (1989)

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A rather good revised look fo

A rather good revised look for the Voyager done by a student of Glynn Kerr's way back in 1989 around the time of its launch. I believe it was firmly based on the actual running gear, so could actually have been built onto the standard chassis. (PNB)


They're great stylists aint they? In practice the planned paramedic/police version would have looked just like the Proddies - there was no way we had the finance to do another bodyshape and little incentive given how well the original works.

It was to be a single seater though, with a stock Reliant engine and the lower 'Std.' final drive gearing, as fitted to Mk1/11 etc. Le Mans. There was to be a blue flashing light on the rear 'deck' and suitable livery.

Both the British Heart Foundation and various police forces were enthusiastic about this model "come and see us when you've got something to sell", Both liked the robust simplicity, rider protection and low servicing costs. Police Voyagers.... Lucky escape there.