Vetter eMotoRacing contender?

Craig has been playing about with photoshop - this is what he thinks Arthur Kowitz's Brammo could look like with his modified Rifle fairing fitted. Craig is also looking to do similar exercise with a FF layout -- I put Craig in touch with Rob Horn (Rohorn FF racer) So we could see a fully faired all American FF racer soon - well at least a photoshop image.
(picture by kind permission and copyright - Craig Vetter)

Vetter eMotoRacing contender?

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What a relief!

It must be a big relief to get back to the safe, clean world of photoshop after all my wittering on about actual, dirty, bodywork construction!

You also have to be impressed by Craigs faithful re-creation of 1950's-style motorcycle streamliners. There'll be (very) old Moto Guzzi and NSU techies looking at these pictures with tears in their eyes.

Younger enthusiasts for the virtual world will be muttering about 3D Studio Max and other, even more feral, software that allow such images to be turned into 3D files that run the CNC machines that cut the shape out of a block of MDF, so some idiot can actually make them. And anyone with any knowledge of vehicle aerodynamics (the science) will wonder why more attention isn't being paid to frontal area, indifference and side area rules. But they won't be motorcyclists and can be ignored - until they turn up for the races.

I'm looking forward to seeing photoshops of American FFs. It'll be interesting to see how close they are to European FF's and similar HPV's running bodywork - like the American "Electric Recumbant" enthusiasts who've already discovered seat backs and other good things.