2010 Cmax for sale

The 2010 Cmax will be available for sale shortly - owner no longer able to ride due to disability. It'll come with the complete set of Tmax bodywork and other parts removed for the conversion to FF, a spare new fuel pump, and be taxed and MOT'd.

When it arrives here I have to fit a new speedo drive, then I'll upload a current photo and the details supplied by the owner. If you want to see a picture now there are several on this site - image galleries - Royce Creaseys creations- 2010 Cmax.

Specification-wise it's a stock 2010 Tmax with a two seat Voyager-style transporting seat back for two big seats and the usual very large boot. Bodywork is epoxy glass over foam core. Many detailed photos on the site including video in 'films' ('lost in Bristol' etc.)_. Anyone with a firm interest can contact me directly. If you're wondering how much it is you probably can't afford it. (I certainly can't!)