Blez in Lit Motors AEV 3rd Gyrobike Prototype

Paul Blezard sitting in the third prototype of the most ambitious FF anyone has built so far. The Lit Motors C1. Electrically powered, balanced by gyros and steered, apparently, with the aid of Artificial Intelligence.
CEO Danny Kim aims to have a sleek fully enclosed version on sale.....soon, at a price not too far from $25,000.
This is the least attractive but actually the most technically advanced machine Lit Motors have built so far and crucially, it's the first version which has actually demonstrated an ability to lean left and right.,
All is explained here....sort of, complete with more real-life videos and computer animation:
Photo: snapped by Danny Kim, CEO of Lit Motors on PNB's iPhone at Lit Motors HQ in San Francisco January 2015.
This short video shows the pictured machine in action, on public road and sheet ice:
and there's another short video here:

Blez in Lit Motors AEV 3rd Gyrobike Prototype

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Holy Thing!

Seriously guys. Simplicate. Add lightness.

And maybe look around at what all the other damm fools have done!