Newbie to FF website

Just found this site and have been designing a FF moto for over a year. Great to finally see some history with this genre of transportation. Here's a screen shot of my latest. It's an electric with a rear hub motor with 60V, 40 Ah LifePo4's. All aluminum frame and machined aluminum wheels coming in at about 160lb. Proto in process.

gd1.JPG126.67 KB

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Leg protection?

Good effort, and I hope you find this site a useful information source. You might want to consider improving leg/foot protection - "crash protection/performance" in "Books" might be relevent. Looking forward to the hardware.

Yes...thanks. I'm really

Yes...thanks. I'm really struggling with how I want to classify this and move forward since I haven't started construction (but have $1,500 in parts in my closet waiting). Original goal was a commuter that classified as a bike, but don't want to be that guy on the road that slows everybody down because I can only do 20 mph. I've moved to 30-40 mph and really wondering if I'm headed in the right direction now that all the US DOT comes into play. I've got some serious thinking and reading to do to decide. All the info on this sites has helped a lot.

What's the goal?

There are any number of options available for FF two wheelers, but some elements point to recognisable 'types'
I think the first thing is to decide what you're trying to do;- make something for yourself, or something for the general public. If you're not trying to please everybody, you may as well please yourself.

At one end of the spectrum a simple 'electric bicycle' FF will add comfort and the reduced frontal area will give a bit of performance, so concentrate on that, but excessive bodywork will add weight and rob that gain.

Wanting to avoid slowing everybody down with a 20 mph bicycle is entirely relevent, but at what point do you stop? In England being able to keep up with traffic means an 80 mph cruise capability, implying good aerodynamics, cockpit heating and the full DOT bag, something like the Cmax package.

This can be toned down, aiming at a scooter-like performance of around 60 mph max. speed, for urban use, in which case aero's become less important, although the frontal area advantage is always relevent, but you'd want to emphasise agility, handling and good comfort and convenience.

It's worth looking at something you can 'convert' The Cmax just changes seat, footrests and bodywork, which might not be a DOT or insurance issue (it wasn't in England when it was built)

Probably the biggest problem to overcome for any home (or not factory)-built FF is keeping the weight under control. Simplicate, add lightness. Decide what package you want, aim at that, and avoid adding excessive 'bright ideas' that occur during the design/build process - unless they save weight.

Good luck!