Mystery Vespa-based FF!

This mystery FF was spotted and snapped by Rod Young at 'The Happening' in Great Missenden in September 2015 and posted on his Facebook page, from which he tagged me and from which I have 'grabbed' this image, and cropped it. Unfortunately Rod didn't take a close-up snap of the blurb sheet. The only clue at present is the Vespa badge on the body, so we can probably assume that it's Vespa-based!
Looks as if the fuel tank is behind the rider's head too. PNB
Photo: Rod Young

Mystery Vespa-based FF!

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Good show!

That's really novel. Love the way the pair of car wings have been used to provide footboxes. But what was the car? Ford 100E? Maybe an Austin. Certainly a familiar shape to someone dealing in second hand heaps at the end of the Sixties.

I used to hide my various illegal motorcycles in a shed behind a pub in Great Missenden, when I was at RAF Halton as an apprentice. We weren't allowed to have motorcycles as the RAF regarded us as too valuable (expensive)to be allowed to take such risks. This at the beginning of the sixties. I don't think this was around then! Although, thinking about it, I did have a (rod gear change)Vespa there briefly.