Peraves;- Latest (Arnold speaks)

Here's a mail from Arnold Wagner covering his version of events at Peraves, and the news that he's continueing FF production under the name 'Monoracer' There's also an attachment of his current type approval, conformity of production certificates, and new years greetings that I haven't included. Not neccesary to read between any lines to see that he's a bit cross with Mr. Riedener....

But anyway, good news that this luxury Swiss FF production continues. (Over to you ford, etc...)

Dear friends,

I have lost contact with Anton LARGIADER after his last message got in by 11.13.2015. I sent him also an Xmas-Card + message on Dec. 25 but got no reply so far.

So I’m not informed about SHINJI’s MT7005 state of completion after myself and Anton have put so much effort in to bring her to a new good life…

There are, however, good news from the other side of the ditch to the USA. As you might know Roger RIEDENER and PERAVES AG (Switzerland), after 2 years of struggle (because of

depleting the company with excessive money withdrawals after the X-PRIZE) caved in with bankruptcy by Oct. 28, 2014. I helped Gustav PROCHAZKA + PERAVES CZ with re-financing and re-certification

of the CZ-company (see enclosures above) and re-certification of the MonoTracer-production to start a new life for my modern CABIN-MOTORCYCLES. They are available again, see .

Also after-sales services for all produced ECOs and MTs including spares are available from the Brno-CZ-factory again. The BEV (Battery Electrical Vehicle) will become available also after the prototype

with a German Krebs+Aulich-E-motor will be tested by summer 2016.

So we hopefully continue our way to convert the world to our most efficient street vehicle’s virtues and I happily am playing again with my new MonoRacer, first vehicle to be certified

with the new EC-CoC while the machine provides ideal mobility for my weekly trips to help PERAVES CZ from Switzerland to Brno-CZ and back (each way > 800 kms- 500 miles). MonoRacer is no miss-spelling

because evil Roger has bought my MonoTracer-name + copyright® from the receiver to cause mischief for us again after his destroying my former PERAVES-company which I ran successfully from 1976 thru 2010.

Some events I have put on my X-Mas-Card 2015-16 and see below:

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That's good news. It would

That's good news. It would be a shame to lose such an iconic vehicle.

I wonder if they will be any more affordable given they are being made entirely in the Czech Republic? I remember chatting with Keith Duckworth and him telling me how cheap it was to get his microlight business going over there - but this was getting on for 15 years ago!