Genesis At Sammy Miller's Museum

Genesis at Sammy Miller's excellent museum in New Milton, Hampshire, in August 2010.
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Genesis At Sammy Miller's Museum

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Testing, testing

There's a project for you Paul. You've blagged rides in a very wide range of FFs over the years, inclding this one I believe?

How about going through this list of experiences and turning it into a series of road reports, in some sort of standard, comparable formats for Bikeweb?

Then all us type who are busy designing, building, or (like me) renovating FFs might learn something from the efforts of all the other poor fools, instead of just looking at pictures and wondering.

As they're key features I'd obviously like to see Comfort, Handling, Safety and efficiency compared. But stability in crosswinds, convenience of use, servicability etc. are all as relevent.

C'mon, you know you can do it - and if not you, Who?

FF road reports by PNB

It's not a bad idea Royce. I should probably do it. If I were any sort of businessman I should probably try to make a book of it. I do believe I've ridden more FFs than anyone else on the planet, and a greater variety of them to boot. FWIW, after several rides of Genesis, in all 3 of its configurations, from 2003 to 2009, I bought it from Ian Pegram in 2010 after I sold my Quasar, and I still own it!

Why not?

You should. You'v got the publishing contacts, the experience, obviously a major picture archive. FFs are are relevent today as ever. If it sold you'd never have to work again.

I have a similar plan, to write "modern two wheeler dynamics", once I've stopped having to fix the bloody things. I don't want to have to ever work again either - my USP is tjhat I've designed and build more different FFs than anyone else.

Alternatively there's always "Taking innovation to production - how not to do it"...