Aerobike project is up for sale...

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Mostly due to a lack of a suitable place to safely test and refine the Aerobike, it is up for sale, either mostly complete or as a body / chassis.. I am not expecting to recoup the money that was spent on it and are willing to dismantle it to make it easier for overseas shipping if required ... (thinking maybe $2000 US for chassis, moulds, bodypanels,stabilisers etc? )

Read more about it -
or at Manfeild racetrack -

Contact me at if you are interested ...

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What a gem!

Lovely piece of vehicle fabrication. Anyone wanting to explore full enclosure, outriggers, aerodynamics would save months/years of work by buying this, never mind the money! Would make a magic E-FF prototype. I've got a Mk11 hub I could sell you too...

I assume it's in Kiwi? bit of a transport snag there. Be nice to know more about the tech. details. Are the outriggers interactive - or open-loop like the Eco/Monotracers? I take it that aerodynamics need work for sidewind stability? (Thinking of tape and string here) Wish I was younger and richer!

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thanks Royce, I have added a

thanks Royce, I have added a bit more about it and the stabilisers...