Vultus meets Neracar (no riders)

I've added this photo without riders because, amongst other things, it shows the Vultus's narrow backrest which is hidden when there's someone on board. It also shows that the seat of the Vultus is actually lower than that of the Neracar. At only 25 inches, it's actually lower than that of a Honda Helix too. Not quite in 'proper' FF territory, but still lower than just about any other unmodified, mass-produced, road-legal, full-size motorcycle (or scooter) currently available.
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Vultus meets Neracar (no riders)

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Obsolete Vultus!

The basic problem with the Vulva is that it's no more advanced technically than John Bruces old BSA cut and shut.

There are plenty of other basic problems, but I can't be bothered to list them.

When Honad show a degree of technical understanding up up the the level demonstrated by various old hippies, working in sheds, during the last millenium, I'll pay them some attention.

It's long past time for-ICE powered recreational styling excercies intended to excite the egotistical fantasies of teenagers, But don't mind me.