VF750 Quasar + VT500 Phasar in action, 1986

This photo of the Tait-steered, Honda VF750-powered Quasar and the 'quick and dirty' VT500-powered Phasar was taken during a SuperBike magazine photo session for the November 1986 issue of the magazine, which actually featured both of these machines in action alongside a Honda VF500-4 on the cover.
The editor, Tony Middlehurst is in the VT500 and I (Paul Blezard) was in the Quasar, which was kindly brought to the shoot by Chris Baker, the owner.
There is a side-on action shot of the VT500 Phasar, in company with a V50 Moto Guzzi Phasar, at the 1986 V-twin rally in Shaftesbury, here: http://bikeweb.com/node/2916
Both machines took part in the Top Gear FF feature filmed at Wroughton in March 1988. See here:
More photos of the Top Gear filming of the FF mob here: http://bikeweb.com/image/tid/102
There are also 3 photos of the VF750 Quasar with its new owner, John Cooper, at BruceFFest 2011, shortly before the roof was raised, here:
Photo: SuperBike magazine

VF750 Quasar  + VT500 Phasar in action, 1986