3 FF-ish customs together!

The three most FF-ish customs at the 2017 MCN show at Excel, all displayed together. The one nearest the camera must have the lowest seat in Christendom with its 11-inch height, albeit in a one-off hard tail frame. The engine is from a Suzuki GSX 750 and the Earles-ish forks are one-off, along with much else on the machine, including the handlebars which were 'made from an old gate'. The owner is Nik Samson and it was built by Smiley Monkey Customs of Essex. It is described as being 'in the Rat Rod Steampunk style'. The other two machines, 'La Bomba' and 'Scootacar' were both built by Nigel Staley. See their separate folders for details. PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard

3 FF-ish customs together!

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Progress at last!

Great to see people finally breaking out of the 'chopper' theme - even if "aerodynamics" as a concept seems yet to have landed. I guess 1956 is still a bit modern in the custom world.

No idea where Christendom is but I seem to remember recently delivering an actual FF, with rear suspennion, HCS and bodywork, that has a base seat height of 9.75", so it's obviously not Bristol!