Monotracer Meets Lynchmobile at 2018 Ace Cafe EV Day!

An historic moment captured at the Ace Café's first ever Electric Vehicle day, 24th February 2018: Cedric Lynch and his classic, home-made 1991 electric streamliner meet David Baber's 2009 Peraves Monotracer! I was privileged to 'chauffeur' David to the event from his home near Amersham. I felt justified in taking the 1200cc Monotracer to an electric event on the grounds that a) a dozen or so electric Monotracers have already been built and b) the new Peraves CZ electric Monoracer is due to go into production this year. No-one at the event objected! David's freshly re-furbished Monotracer is for sale at £37,995. It has less than 16,000 miles on the clock!
It's also good timing as far as Cedric is concerned since he has had an historic letter published in this month's British Dealer News pointing out how much more efficient all electric PTWs would be if only the manufacturers had the sense to copy the world-beating aerodynamics of these two machines! PNB
Photo: Paul Compton

Monotracer Meets Lynchmobile at 2018 Ace Cafe EV Day!

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Lynch Streamliner

Is Cedric's vehicle registered as a moped?

Cedric Lynch's electric motorcycle

I have not seen Cedric's streamliner registration document but I imagine it must be registered as an electric motorcycle. It could not legally be registered as a moped since, by definition, mopeds must be restricted to a top speed of 28mph and Cedric's streamliner is capable of 60mph! PNB

Lynch Streamliner

Is the windscreen glass or plastic (polycarbonate)?

Windscreens not glass!

I'm pretty certain the Lynchmobile screen is not glass, but I'm not sure which breed of plastic it is!
Of course, the Monotracer screen isn't glass either! It's aircraft quality plastic.
The only standard motorcycles that have ever been fitted with a glass screen as standard (that I'm aware of) are the Quasar and the BMW C1. Even the Benelli Adiva had a plastic screen.

Cedric Lynch Confirms the info about his streamliner

Cedric has confirmed my suspicions:
"My bike is registered as a motorcycle not a moped (to be a moped it would either have to be limited to 30 or 28mph, or to be registered before the end of July 1977 and have pedals).The windscreen is made of polycarbonate plastic with a hard coating. It needs to be replaced every few years. The current one has done better than usual; it was made by Peerless Plastics of Thetford, Norfolk."