UK-reg Peraves Monotracer SOLD April 2018

UPDATE: 13/4/2018
This Monotracer – one of only two ever registered in the UK – was sold to a very interesting Frenchman on 11/4/2018, which is why I have removed the sales info and substituted a photo of myself and its first owner on what was probably its last journey on UK roads for a long the Ace Café last February. PNB

UK-reg Peraves Monotracer SOLD April 2018

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Should have earned more!

Reminds me of a comment I made some time ago, when first confronted by an Eco "I have seen the future - and I can't afford it"

I think I could do a pretty nice FF based on the C-Evo for much less money - but I can't even afford one of those! It's a bit like being a petrol head in 1905, the potential is obvious and essential, but we'll have to wait another fifteen years before this stuff turns up in scrapyards. And even then, no doubt, we'll still have to throw away things like telescopic forks and useless bodywork. Eco's and Monotracers will be the Vincents of the classic E-bike world by then.