The most FF-ish Neracar!

This is a version of the Neracar which I had never seen before it was posted on the FF Facebook page a few weeks ago. As can be seen, it has a properly FF-low seat, complete with a backrest and a decent screen and footboards unlike the more common versions of the Neracar. As it says in the caption, this was apparently a late British version with the 350cc Blackburne engine and rear suspension. Looks as if the petrol tank is located behind the seat. Colin Ferguson has researched this machine and says: "It appears that there were three of these made in 1925, but only one is known to survive. Currently being restored in the UK". PNB

The most FF-ish Neracar!

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Neracar Deluxe

The above bike was called the Neracar Deluxe. Apparently, the three prototypes were made in 1926. It was 5 inches longer than the standard Neracar, and had leaf suspension on the rear. In addition, it boasted a truly bucket seat, a large fuel tank behind the seat which looks as though it could hold around 5 gallons, a dashboard, an adjustable windscreen, and footboards. The Neracar company in the UK folded late in 1926, mainly as a result of the depression at the time, and lack of demand for such motorcycles.