Round-the-World Vectrix, 2011!

In 2010 a small but intrepid group of riders and drivers set off from Geneva to circumnavigate the globe in an event called The Zero Race. 4 vehicles started, 3 finished and two of the finishers were Vectrix-based, a tadpole trike called TREV, from Australia, and this more standard-looking machine. This Vectrix was converted to Lithium battery power by a German engineer, André Laukner, pictured here, who was one of a team of riders who rode the Vectrix. With the large topbox full of supplementary battery pack it was capable of covering 350kms on a single charge.
This photo was taken by me the night before the triumphal return to Geneva, 80 days after they set out. PNB
The winner of the event was the fully-enclosed DesignWerk ZeroTracer. There's a photo of all 3 machines and their pilots at the finish in Geneva here:
Photo: © Paul Blezard February 2011.

Round-the-World Vectrix, 2011!

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Wrong picture?

As the text explains, the finishers in this historic* event included a Zero-Tracer. a top-line, benchmark setting, all-electric, actual FF. Basically similar to the one that won it's class in Elon Musks Efficiency X-prize (And 2.5 million bucks). I can't help feeling that a picture of that would have been more appropriate to this site than this pic of a modified scooter. Especially as Arnold Wagner is currently trying to raise finance to produce more similar FFs.

*"Historic" as in something that happened a long time ago.

ZeroTracer Pix agogo have been up here on bikeweb for 8 years!

Royce, it's annoying when you spout off without bothering to read the text AND RELEVANT LINKS that I have taken the trouble to write with each photo, nor bothering to look in the relevant photo albums. There have been no fewer than SIX photos of the DesignWerk ZeroTracer that WON the round-the-world event RIGHT HERE ON FOR THE PAST EIGHT FLIPPIN' YEARS. Here: