Genesis & Monotracer @ Beaulieu 2011

One of only two Peraves Monotracers ever registered in the UK, at Beaulieu in 2011, alongside the Pegram Genesis 650, which, by that time, I owned. PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Genesis & Monotracer @ Beaulieu 2011

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Pegram report

Given your vast experience of different FFs, some of which you even owned, it would be good if you could find the time to evaluate them for the benefit of future designers and builders - you being also a journalist and stuff.

I assume that the Monotracer is (to some extent) an Ecomobile with added aerodynamic separation features. Do these work in reducing sensitivity to buffet and turbulent crosswinds? Various owners have commented, suggesting there is something of a problem in this respect (Severn Bridge crossing events etc.) and anyone contemplating full enclosure will be interested in how these examples behave. I believe you have experience of both types.

Also the Pegram is interesting in this respect, with it's forward biased nose shape. How sensitive/insentitive is that? Do the windscreen pillers intrude on vision at all? How does the cockpit environmment compare with the Quasar? Does the weight of the roof and windscreen intrude on agility, compared to the Cmax for instance?