The last Quasar, with Suzuki GS850 motor, in 2020

The last Quasar that Malcolm Newell started to build before his untimely demise in 1994. Superficially, it hasn't changed much since the other photos in this folder were taken in 2009, but it has actually been fired up recently. It obviously requires a lot of work to make it road legal, but if current plans proceed it might be finished before the end of 2020. PNB
UPDATE, AUGUST 2021: Mike Ryan bought this machine after I took this photo at John Bruce's place early in 2020. Mike has since jumped into the project feet first and made great progress, as he has been documenting to the Facebook FF group. There are already a couple of his recent photos from the summer of 2021 uploaded here and more will follow. PNB
UPDATE March 2022. The finished Quasar was featured in the Motorcycle News issue of 23/3/22. This photo was used (uncredited!) as the 'before' image. PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard

The last Quasar, with Suzuki GS850 motor, in 2020

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Isn't the main problem getting this back on the road the antique motor thats fitted? Much better modern stuff available.

Ask yourself. What would Malcome do? Rotax V4? one of those nice ZX14 motors? Any number of other water cooled, fuel injected, shaft drive, big inch motors that make more power with less weight and size - not that size is really an issue in a chassis that once took a Z1300. Might was well have some fun before all that carbon fuel stuff gets banned- or binned.

The motor is the least of its problems!

The sturdy, shaft drive, Suzuki GS850 engine fitted to this Quasar is one of the best things about it. It's only done 16,000 miles and fired up readily after many years of neglect. It has twice the power of the Reliant 850 motors fitted to the original Quasars, has an extra gear and weighs less, yet is unstressed by modern standards and should provide many years of reliable service. Why would anyone go to all the trouble and expense of fitting a different engine when there's so much else that needs doing to make it roadworthy?! PNB


Like I said, because thare are much better motors now available. Obviously no-one would fit a Reliant engine, this is is a Phasar, frantic fun and excitement. Reducing the weight would be good though, another argument for a modern power unit. But don't mind me, I'm done with ICE's anyway!