Lightning's Electric FF prototype in action

Having spoken to Richard Hatfield, CEO of Lightning, about FFs last year, I'm delighted to see that he has actually built an FF prototype in addition to the conventionally shaped Lightning Strike electric motorcycle which is already in small-scale production. You can read about it in the article by Micah Toll in Electrek, from which this screengrab is taken, and you can watch a few seconds of the machine in action in the video embedded in the article. It doesn't look like CGI to me. PNB
Photo: Screengrab from Electrek article here:

Lightning's Electric FF prototype in action

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What fun!

Electrotech clearly entirely unaware of Peraves. Not a problem Lightning Motorcycles suffer from any more! Good to see (general) international agreement on the right shape for efficient two wheelers. All pushing the same air... Looking forwrd to seeing how Lightning have done the front suspension, outriggers and door system. So is Arnold probably. Don't forget to mail Lighning and encourage them!