Crampton GSXR-based FF in 2020

Ralph Crampton's Suzuki GSXR-powered FF built in 2020.

Crampton GSXR-based FF in 2020

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At last!

Good to see an FF built in this country in recent years. An interesting approach to bodywork too. It's exactly the same approach as Peraves Ecomobiles - take a large motorcycle and fit an FF cockpit between the front forks and the engine. Obviously Arnold has taken the concept a bit further in recent decades...

Unfortunately it's liable to cement the view that FFs are large unwieldy two wheelers, not suitable for dense urban traffic. I guess building FFs that are compatible with dense urban traffic is too difficult these days, Tmax sccoters just too expensive and so on. I guess I'll just have to keep tooling about in my antique 'Late Classic' (VMCC)FF until one of us finally keels over.

In some respects it's a pity this isn't in America, where it could be raced, along with Robert Horns FF racer. Zero chance of that in England, we've got the ACU!