Contrasting PTWs in North London!

A contrasting pair of powered two wheelers snapped in North London. The electric Sur-ron trailbike is so light (50kgs all up) that it doesn't even qualify for the UK government Plug-in motorcycle grant, for which eligibility requires any machine to weigh at least 50kg without its battery....The petrol-powered Mk2 ComforTmax must weigh at least five times as much. However, a lightweight FF, powered by the Sur-ron motor and transmission would make a super-efficient city dart of a machine which would still be capable of 60mph+. Imagine, for example something like the Sinclair X1 of 2010, but with bigger wheels.....PNB
See here:
Photo: © Paul Blezard August 2020

Contrasting PTWs in North London!

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Time to move on...

I think we may have moved past the imagination stage. What's needed is some production!