Mark Verden & his Quasar Chez Creasey 1988

Far left, the late Mark Verden, and his 'Mk1.5' Quasar outside the Creasey residence in Bristol in 1988, with a very young Anna Creasey on board. Behind are the BMW R100GS press bike that I was riding and Royce Creasey's Voyager. Mark's Quasar was the first one to link a Reliant engine to a Moto Guzzi gearbox (in 1987) which then became the standard power train on all Voyagers. Note that Mark's Quasar has also lost the top frame tubes that it still had during the Top Gear filming. Compare and contrast with the photo here: PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard 1988

Mark Verden & his Quasar Chez Creasey 1988

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Stroppy children

If nothing else we've raised a small group of children whose earliest experience of PTW's was FFs like these, and Bob's racer of course. Unitll they went to 'big' school both of my children thought all PTWs, including motorised bicycles, came out of sheds in people back gardens.