Eric Vloemans Electric Dalinci Design (2020)

Eric Vloemans of Dalinci Design in Belgium has been thinking about FFs for a while, both petrol and electric. Now he has started to cut metal and to put together a Ducati-powered machine ( images to follow). This is just the second of the many images on his Dalinci website to go up on bikeweb, with Eric's kind permission; on his website it is headed 'This is what en electric FF could look enormous exhausts required'.
Lots more here:
Image from Dalinci website. © 2020 Eric Vloemans

Eric Vloemans Electric Dalinci Design (2020)

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Good effort!

Great to see a new go at the concept. Lots to talk about there. All I'd like to say at this moment is just repitition of that old saw about good engineering;-

"Good engineering is doing for five bob what any damm fool can do for a quid. To do good engineering, study what all the other damm fools have done".*

*It's an old English saw. To translate into modern-speak imagine "five bob" is twenty five Euro cents, and "a quid" one Euro... (close enough)

Fj now on Christmas break, waiting for a new Magnatronic ignition unit and I have several boxes of Budvar Budwieser to use up before they go off. Have a good holiday and a better new year everyone!