Brown & Roper FF (1921)

Another centenarian!
A Description of the Douglas-powered Brown & Roper FF, (from The Motor Cycle, 1921):
“FOR YEARS THE MOTOR CYCLE has been accused of lack of weather protection for the driver; therefore, any attempt to give the rider something approaching ‘limousine comfort’ must be regarded seriously. Messrs Brown & Roper’s vehicle is rather difficult to classify…A 4hp Douglas engine and frame form the basis, but the wheelbase has been lengthened and a form of chassis attached to take the two trailer wheels. These wheels may be raised or lowered instantaneously by means of a single hand lever. An important point about these wheels is that the axle to which they are attached is pivoted centrally, thus allowing automatic adjustment on corners and uneven surfaces. The body is readily removable to allow access to the engine or transmission. A very low seating position also tends to give freedom from skidding. Steering is by wheel connected by rods in tension to the front fork. Beyond the fact that the gear box is set further back than usual, the transmission is the same as on the original Douglas machine. Side shields and foot-boards are so designed that an adequate current of air reaches both cylinders. The designers and makers are Messrs Brown and Roper, engineers, 43, The Canal, Salisbury, Wilts.”

Thanks again to Nick Jeffery for passing this on from Dave Richmond's 1920s timeline blog. PNB

Brown & Roper FF (1921)

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Recognition awaits!

Given general technological development, it's become pretty clear that the benefits of the FF layout were understood as soon as the concept was realised. Only available technology prevented any of these imaginative people making (for instance) a Voyager, or a Mono racer/tracer. It's clearly an idea, that like some virus', isn't very infectiious, but is impossible to eradicate.

This means that in another 100 years, if people atill move about on wheels, some of them will do so by sitting on top of contraptions visibly evolved from a nineteenth century HPV - and they'll look at pictures of us in quaint media outlets and go "Wow, Look at all these wierd things! I can't even imagine how you'd control something sitting like that (Etc.)" Meanwhile some energetio fool (probably wearing a VR headset) will be creating something undeniably FF, but lighter, neater and entirely carbon-free, that will, in due sourse, be similarly ignored.