Quasar Bodyshell Back On Aug 2021

Early August 2021: the Quasar bodyshell is placed back on the refurbished frame for a test 'fitting'. Still lots more work to be done, but progress is impressive. PNB
Photo: © Mike Ryan

Quasar Bodyshell Back On Aug 2021

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yes, but...

I'm actually imterested in this. Why is all this effort being put into restoring an FF from the eighties, instead of into a new Electric drive FF?

It's a real question.

Given how big they are, converting a Quasar to E-power would be easy enough, would skip lightly past the end of Ethanol-free fuel in five years time, and have some relevence for the future - quite apart from being a whole lot easier and cheaper to run.

Please explain.

Classic vs Electric Quasars

I can't speak for Mike Ryan, but I'll pass on the question to him. I do know that the idea of an electric Quasar has been much discussed in certain quarters and that there are plans afoot to create one. No-one's keener on the idea than me! It is much more likely to be a ground-up 'replica' rather than one that is actually based on an original Quasar, since the originals are so rare. The main stumbling block is the cost of the batteries, but as more and more electric cars get crashed with undamaged batteries, that problem may well resolve itself. PNB

UPDATE & REPLY FROM MIKE RYAN, (from the FF FB group) 14/8/2021:
"In all fairness Royce has a good point. But in my opinion this is a very important Quasar and I am building it as it was intended to be built when Malcolm was building it. I have a lot of experience building special vehicles (www.searoader.com) but that’s not appropriate in this case, apart from sensible and discreet mods. Funnily enough I did say to my son that electric power would be cool to do."


Just like to say; having seen the pictures, there's no doubt that Mike is a skilled vehicle bullder. Really that's what triggered my comment. There are plenty of people out there struggling with their first vehicle build, in order to go electric, so I find it strange to see skiiled people in well-equipped workshops, making things that have no practical future application. Like anything with an ICE...

At this moment in time, with an urgent transition to electric vehicles, FFs have an important role. Electrifying motorised bicycles, or scooters, will not make them more attractive. The inevitable price incrrease must be matched by improvements for the user - comfort, handling, safety. Exactly what FFs offer. An E-powered Quasar (or strictly, Phasar) would be approprite for the mototised bicycle media, a perfect combination of Heritage and Newsworthiness.

What would Malcome have done? (Great title for the Classis Bike piece...)

Paul's final point is entirely relevent. Cost is an issue. Buying second hand components I expect the E-powertrain for my Fj replacement to cost around three times as much as my first 'full-house' Voyager spec. Reliant/Guzzi powertrain. But I don't need them yet (still making the steering components) and everyday the parts get cheaper, more common, smaller and more powerfull. People actualy building E-FFs right now report second hand battery packs at prices that are affordable, a few hundred, rather than a few thousand pounds. It's getting better all the time.

Of course I fully respect everyone's freedom to create, or re-create, anything they choose. The act of creation should always be celebrated. I suppose I hope to celebrate the future rather than the past.